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aLL aBOuT Joan…..


Name: Joanne C. Ortiz


A.k.a.: joan


Natal date: October 24, 1984


Student #: 2K3-14548-6


Snail-mail Address: 1328 Zamora Street Atimonan, Quezon


E-mail Address: joannemac_lucky


Sports: volleyball


Hobby: watching t.v, reading and eating


Favorite Pet words: "isip-isip"


Hang-out (also known as hide-out): in my house     


Favorite Cartoon Character: tweety bird and piglet


Favorite excuse when late: trafficcccc


What distracts her most on class? Cell phone and chika


Favorite Lost Item: my necklace


Pet’s name: brownie


Likes: madrama and interesting ang life


Dislikes: maarte and hindi marunong makisama


Most Embarrassing Moment: ng mabuntis ako ng wala sa tamang panahon


Motto: time is gold


Greatest Dream: maipagpatayo ko ng bahay ang family ko


Happiest Moment: when I get married


Saddest Moment: when my mother died


Suking Tindahan: tindahan ni aling nena, (sabi ni yani eh….)


Blood Type: madugong-madugo