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aLL aBOuT Yanni…..


Name: Bayani P. Manas


A.k.a.: yanni, hero, bay


Natal date: October 21


Student #: 2k2-24221-6


Snail-mail Address: 101 Salientes St. Poblacion West, Umingan, Pangasinan


E-mail Address:


Sports: chess lng!!! Hehe lampayatot commercial model ata ko


Hobby: playing guitar daw, nuod tv, kain at tulog. (drawing minsan pag tinopak)


Favorite Pet words: Oh men!!!; nice muv!! Asteg!!; syete!!;


Hang-out (also known as hide-out): mercury, my bed


Favorite Cartoon Character: Dono, Surao, Mojacko


Favorite excuse when late: Traffic po sa teresa, sira ang alarm clock!


What distracts him most on class? Pag nakita ko crush ko…. Pero ala nmn msyado,,                    

            antukin nman me sa klase eh.. hehe…


Favorite Lost Item: ballpen!!! Book pa, at reviewer( kaya mdalas bagsak)


Pet’s name: chinchan, fujiko


Likes: kain, tulog, tulog at marami pang tulog!!! Comedy movies… joke quotes,


Dislikes: pag ubos ang alawans, Arithmetic, hunger


Embarrassing Moment: Reporting in Class!! Pagnakikita ko pictures ko, heehe



Motto: No one knows nothing, No one knows everything (in short no ones perfect,,



Greatest Dream: Sumikat, maging business tycoon baling araw


Happiest Moment: Pag nagpadal n si nanay ng alawans!!


Saddest Moment: When I exhausted my alawns


Suking Tindahan: Aling mameng


Blood Type: HIV negative